Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tips for camping with little ones(ie... those that can really make it difficult(;

Let's be honest, kids can make life wonderful, exciting, absolutely more fulfilling, but also...tricky.  Even in normal life they add wipes, diapers, pumps, strollers, car seats... This list is not exhaustive, but I am exhausted thinking about all the other contraptions that come along with these precious bundles.  So let's talk camping; It's messy, and away from modern conveniences so here are few jewels I have gathered on now my 9th year camping with littles.
1.  Let a little dirt happen.  If you are really going camping it's a dirt campsite, where there's a firepit.  Add to that sticky hands from s'mores and forget it.  Dirty is ok!  All will be set right at the end of the trip!  Reference below picture for the dirt ring around his face, and this is at a N'tl monument!  
2.  Find a campsite with showers and laundry!!!  This way you can pack light and at least you'll feel clean at the end of the day!  Also while you do laundry it's an excuse to leave said dirt campsite and read indoors for a bit(;
3.  Do short hikes, or if you choose to ignore that advice, take lots of snack/water breaks on those long hikes.  It just goes better!
4.  Baby wipes, nothing more to say, they are magical!
5.  Menu plan; it saves $  and restaurants are definitely not my favorite environment with kids.  We packed ahead on any dry goods we knew we needed; coffee, oatmeal, bread, pb, and then shopped as we went as well.  Campfires are fun and hot dogs and marshmallows for 1 week out of the year won't hurt anyone.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.   We did instant oatmeal in the mornings + lots of coffee for us, pb&j's and bananas for lunch and rice and beans for dinner.  Not every night, but those are staples.  This made the trip more affordable and not too complicated. Oh, and going to new ice cream shops often is a must!
6.  Research the area and have a plan of where you are going and staying.  This clears up the conversation of, 'Well I thought we were...'  Be on the same page.
7.  Audio books in the car that the entire family will enjoy.  We did 'The Jungle Book' and 'Treasure Island.'

7.   Enjoy everyone!  Cause someday they will be vacationing with someone else and you'll be clean with all the time in the world and you'll miss these days of sticky hands and pb&j's!

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