Monday, September 23, 2013

Back in the Saddle

How do I blog, where do I start?  That's kind of how I'm feeling about everything right now...We just came back from an amazing vacation, but God is also teaching me a lot right now. I'm in process as the saying goes and excited about the end result.  The process is slightly painful and necessary.  Andy's schedule this summer was more wearing than realized and I ended up resentful in spite of my best efforts to be the supportive, Christian wifey  that is expected.  We all know how the saying goes, 'If mama ain't happy...'  So being alone as a family, in the mountains for 2 weeks was just what the Dr. ordered.  Honestly I didn't have an oz. of desire to come back.  I said things like, 'We could live in the pop-up, all we need is love.'  Andy broke in with reality and now we are 'in process.'  Here are some thoughts/questions that I am sorting thru;

1.  How much is too much hospitality?  

2.  Always speak the truth, but do it in LOVE!!!

3.  A glad heart makes a happy face!

4.  A gentle answer deflects anger.  Approach, approach, approach!

5.  Boundaries are a beautiful thing and when our family(the 6 under this roof) is in a healthy place, everything flows from that!

6.  1 Corinthians 13~  No one else will fight for your family/marriage you have to be deliberate in all things.  I choose to be loyal, loving and kind...repeat....repeat...repeat(=

7.  Create in me a clean heart...  Not create in them a clean heart.  Change starts with me!

I promise the other posts from me this week will be light, but today I turn over a new calendar year and want to be an effective daughter of my Savior.  Oh yeah, and fall is here!!!!


  1. I totally get it Em! This summer was crazy for us too. Camp was insanely busy and we averaged over 100 more campers than last summer! W are still trying to raise money for director's housing and my house became the staff hangout/ living space for. Two weeks while we had a group in using all our space including the staff lounge. I totally feel your pain. And I hope I can remember those things you pointed out every day as well. Hang in there.

    1. Thanks Chelsea!! Loving fall, as all camp wives do(=