Monday, August 5, 2013

So I was sitting inside...

I was thinking about camping, and the ugliness that was the pop up.  All of a sudden I jumped up, headed downstairs and grabbed a paint brush and turquoise paint.  I couldn't stop myself.  The deed was started.  I had seen these pictures which was my 'face that launched a thousand ships,' so to speak.  Andy took care of the painting I did the sewing.   I started this project and never took before shots=(  Here is exactly what ours looked like before... yuck!  So here's the rundown of what I bought;
Chalkboard paint -$9.97for the tabletop, fridge and door.(  Thought that would be fun for tic-tac toe, hangman, etc...)
Material from Wal-mart a total of $20-ish.
The rest of the paint, material and pillows I just had around the house...
Clearly this is the girl's side  with the flowers. 

The chevron were in a fat square bundle from Wal-mart!  Didn't have to cut which makes my day when sewing!

One side of the white curtain was an old shower curtain on it's way out, the other a sheet.  The couch I covered in a sheet as well.

I think I'll be adding white lights and more banners.  We are using it as a guest room/screened in porch.  2 nights ago my parents stayed in there and loved it.  Last night we played games with friends in it, and today the girls will take their spelling tests on the tabletop.  Love our new space!

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