Monday, July 8, 2013

Just Dreaming

Maybe it will become a reality, but at this point we spend a lot of our time dreaming about buying and renovating this house.

 Sure, it needs A LOT of love, but I would be LOVE to be the person to get to give it what it needs! (except I would probably be really creeped out at night when Kurt had to work night shifts!)

 Some details...
-1800's Farm House
-7 acres
-3800 sq ft
-3 outbuildings

-Needs A LOT of work (did I already say that?)

We have been to see it with a realtor and it really only made us more excited! We usually stop in every Sunday on our way home from church just to look at the property.  Who's knows at this point. Really just praying about it and trying our best to put it in the back of our minds. I personally am leaving it in God's hands and if He wants us to have it, He will make it known somehow!

But again, I can't stop thinking about it and planning out in my mind what I would do to it! The possibilities are endless. Not to mention it is HUGE. I get excited just thinking about why God would want us to have such a BIG house and what He would want us to do with all that space!! (if He wants us to pursue it) :)

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