Monday, May 27, 2013

I love trash!

It's amazing the beauty that can come from things people throw away!  Our room got  a rehab entirely out of trash.  Doesn't get much scrappier than that!  So many years our room felt off...  I have found our room the hardest for me to decorate.  I didn't want it too girly for Andy's sake.  I always lean toward simple, clean and lots of plants!  So why for so long did I try everything else? 
He used 2 pieces of pier that washed up on to our beach!  Took about 3 hours!

Help is plentiful!

Thinking of a drop cloth bed skirt... and picking up that shirt...and hard wood floors(=

String, pictures and clothespins, we like quick fixes here at Scrappy Love!


  1. i love it, it looks wonderful. and love how you styled the rest of the room with the throw and the window panes and photos of the family. Great job

  2. I love that the blanket on the end of the bed kind of looks like seaweed (in a superb way =)

  3. Ha! never thought about that ... Thanks! I'm excited for a sick day because of this bedroom!