Monday, May 13, 2013

I feel a need to share...

Ha!  I hooked you in, you totally thought I was going to say I'm pregnant.  Instead I am going to sing the praises of white vinegar.  It's my best-non-human friend, here's why;
-I add it to my dishwasher so the dishes come out sparkly
-I add some in and let the washer run to wash my washing machine
-I wash any metal surface with it to make it shiny
-I wash my hardwood floors with 1/2 cup vinegar to 1 gal of hot water
-I clean our drains using baking soda, vinegar and then boiling water.  
-I wash toilets, tubs, windows and mirrors with it.  
-It is $2.80 for a gallon and safe!!  
I think it is clear that although it stinks (which goes away quickly) vinegar is actually a magical substance made by cleaning fairies.  I love it and hope this has been a little, enlightening rant on vinegar(=

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