Monday, April 1, 2013

Day in the life

Here it goes...
5:30 AM-Alarm goes off... Pray for the kids, and Andy read Psalm 26.  
6AM-Meet a friend to walk to Starbucks and back.
7AM-Meet another friend for a walk.(What a great start to the day.)
8:05AM- Commence the dance; Give hugs, ask questions like, 'Have the girls done their 5 finger lists?, Has Bode eaten?' and so on...
8:30AM- Get ready time for Bode and me, girls cleaning up breakfast mess.
9AM-Lily gets going on some math, Claire, River and Bode hang out. 

                 9:45AM-Out the door for story time!
10-11AM We are at story time reading, learning sign language and doing a fun Easter craft.  Our librarian rules!!
11:15AM We hit the road with lunch in the car, heading to Home Depot to pick up paint for the chicken house(it's that nice(=) and light fixtures.

                                   Noonish we pull in and I feed this guy.

last snuggles before nap

Naptime success by 12:30, that's a good day!

12:30-2:30- School time!
I'm focusing mainly on reading and writing with Claire.Next year we start her whole curriculum.

  Did you know Geometry starts in 3rd grade?!?
Lily worked on a mini-book about Lewis and Clark, math,spelling, dictation, and lots of reading!
And he's up! We spray painted a couple of chandeliers and by 3:30 we were out the door for swimming!
Dinner with our sweet friend, Heather at  6! Heather spent the night and we stayed up til 12:30...Gotta love 20 yr-olds!
Full Moon drive home @7:30; Andy reads to the kids most nights.  Right now they are in this.  Anyone else tired?

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