Friday, March 29, 2013

Chalkboard Window Frame

Need a fairly quick and easy project for the weekend? How about a new chalkboard to put up in your kitchen with the menu for the week, or the kids play room, or anywhere really. I have decided that I want to fill my house with scripture verses and positive quotes and I thought one good way would be to have a chalkboard that I could write a verse for the week on. 

The only problem with this project is being patient while you allow the paint to dry completely. Give a quick coat (they seriously take like 5 minutes to do) then go hang out with your family while it dries. I actually did this project over a few days. One coat today, another the next.

What you need
-old window or picture frame
-primer for shiny surfaces. (I just asked a Lowes what I needed)
-chalkboard paint

1.Clean the glass really good and wipe down to remove any dust. 
2.Spray paint the glass with the primer. Mine was a gray color. Let dry fully.
3. Paint using chalk paint in 1 direction ONLY. Don't worry if it looks really streaky. It will all even out in the end. Allow to dry fully. I waited 24 hrs b/c that is what the can said, but I read that others just waited an hour.
4. Paint in the opposite direction. Allow to dry
5. I had to touch up the white trim b/c I was lazy and didn't tape off the glass while I was using the chalkboard paint
6. You MUST prime the chalkboard in order for you to be able to write well on it. (see picture below for instructions)

Here it is hung but not yet primed

Priming means you use the side of the chalk and color ALL OVER the chalkboard in ever direction possible.
Then wipe it all off with a damp cloth and then dry using a dry cloth. For some reason this makes it easier to write and erase on.

And there you see it in the background sporting one of my favorite verses. Proverbs 3:5-6. 

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!

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