Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chicken Coop

Here it is folks! Our chicken coop is about 95% done and the chickens are living happily in it (if only they would learn to walk up and down the ramp! Trying to teach them that at the top of the ramp is warmth from the heat lamp and shelter from the wind. They just aren't getting it.). Things still left to do are build the nesting boxes and attach some sort of little locking system to keep the door we will use to get the eggs out. We want to add a flower box along the railing and some sort of "chicken sign". "fresh eggs" maybe? 

The tree house was already here when we moved in and it does need some work!!! Definitely painting it and some of the boards need to be replaced. That is all a spring project!The kids already love playing up there.

And now...pictures!

That is the door we will raise to get the eggs out.

Large door for us to get in and clean out poop, refill water and food, and let chickens out to free range the yard

Side view

Front view
Here they are appearing to be freezing. If only they would walk up the ramp!!!! Lucky for them we put them up there at night.
I'm sure Emily will post pictures of their coop soon! We gave them 4 of our chicks.

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