Monday, September 16, 2013

Coming Soon to ScrappyLove

I pretty much took a break from making and adding anything new to the Etsy store over the summer, but now that fall is on us, my mind is going back into crafting mode. That always happens to me! I'm excited to start crocheting and sewing again! I currently have orders for 7 Christmas stockings and 4 woman's sized crocheted hats. I better get busy!

These curtains were made so quickly out of scraps to put in the our tree house, but I thought they were cute enough to put in my house. Thinking I'll make up some of these in various styles to add to ScrappyLove

Signs are fun to put up around the house to add to your decor!

Also hoping to add Baby Quilts (one already one in the works), more hats, headbands, baby blankets, burp cloths, stockings, and maybe some stuffed owls!

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