Friday, July 12, 2013

Things are Growing!

Despite the fact that we have some garden pests (post from yesterday) we do have lots growing in our garden. We have been eating lettuce (3 varieties), spinach, basil, parsley, and a small cabbage!  We have LOTS of tomatoes growing (18 plants) among other things. Most everything is growing good. For some reason the cucumber plant seems to be dying all of a sudden as do 2 tomato plants that have just gone limp on me. Anyone out there know what this is about??????

Well, here's some pictures to enjoy of our garden. Hopefully those of you that gardening are having success! I never thought gardening would be so fun!

Side question...wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for a blender that will grind up kale and other veggies really smoothly for smoothies?? I have done a little research, but just curious if any of you have one you like that does what I am looking for.

Have a great weekend!


  1. vitamix? I dont' have one, but they have a great reputation. I've also heard that how you layer your ingredients for a smoothie makes a difference ... things like the greens on the bottom, then yogurt and fruit on top. What has your research turned up?

    1. That the vitamix is the best, but a friend who saw a PBS special on blenders says that the Oyster is another really good one that is close to the vitamix but for less the price! She didn't know the brand. I'm currently using my magic bullet and adding kale to my normal frozen fruit, yogurt, banana routine and it is chopping it up pretty good. Good enough that I am happy with it while I wait to save for something else, hopefully the vitamix.

      I have heard that about the layer as well. The magic bullet is great for some things, but is pretty small! That is a big complaint of mine. It was a gift when my regular mixer broke. I'm Ok with it for now.

      Thanks for commenting!