Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Midwife

I am self-admittedly obsessed with birth.  I know it's a strange, messy thing, but oh the beauty of it. What other experience changes your life so much?  So my beach book pick is The Midwife.  It's messy, real and gritty at times, but also shows the strength of midwives who work tirelessly without   much glory.   I don't think anything I'll ever do will feel quite like the d-day of all of our kids and I think of my midwives often.  Bode's even came in on her day off and just read 'Hunger Games', and chatted with me through it all.  

This is after I just gave Andy the news of our fourth baby on the way, July 5th 2011.

Blissed out by the perfection of it all!

Those are thankful tears  in his eyes.  I think we will always feel enormous gratitude for what our midwives did!

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