Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Our very busy season is over which means Andy wants to start right into his 'Honey-do' list.  Husbands am I right?  I just know they are saying yes(=. So here's what is at the top of mine!  
1.  A new roof.  Lord help us, the shingles are literally curling, that can't be good.  I'm thinking of having a roofing party-think barn raising, where all our friends come and I feed them!  Of course bonfires at night with wives and kids.
This roof looks like it would be quick and painless to put on...

 2.  A new bathroom-  Here's my dream hon.
Wood floors, claw foot tub, bright and cheery!

3.  Freshen/ make-over the laundry room.  I like how bright this one is!

4.  A loft bed for the girls and bunk bed for the boys is on the horizon!
I also love the ideas of built-ins to save on

We love Ana White for designs! 

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