Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Toy Organization

I had been noticing that the kids would pull all their toy/books out, but really only play with a few things or read certain books. It just made a big mess for me to go around picking up. I have always been a minimalist in the toy department, so much so that friends were starting to think I was depriving my kids. I figured less is better. I don't know! I'm a first time mom!! Anyways, in a conversation with a sweet and wise "mom" friend of mine who now has kids graduating from high school she said something in passing about splitting up the kids toys into bins. We didn't go into depth about it as there seemed to be SO many things to talk about in our short period of time together. 

So, I came home and bought 5 small bins...

and split their small toys/puzzles/books into them.

I rotate the bins most days, sometimes the same bin stays out 2 days in a row. 

It is actually working!!! They don't mind not having "So much" to go through in a day and they actually play with stuff they barely gave any attention to before (which was one one of my goals). It's great!!!! I left their bigger toys (baby doll stroller, singing dog, block set) out and a few books in their room to get to whenever. 

This makes me feel like life is a bit more simple with less stuff laying around and I like it that way.

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  1. great idea ... I like how you rotate frequently! Thanks for sharing :)