Monday, May 20, 2013

Chicken Wire Frame

Since we had a bunch of extra chicken wire from making the coop I thought I would make a chicken wire frame I have seen on Pinterest. It was SO easy! Seriously, if you can use a staple gun, you can make one. 

I got this frame with no glass in it at the Habitat for Humanity re-store for $2 a while back thinking I wanted to do this project sometime. I painted it white, laid out the chicken wire (hard to see against the cream carpet. Sorry), stapled onto the back (requires a little muscle strength), and trimmed off the excess wire. Done!

I hung it by my desk replacing the old window I had hanging there and attached favorite pics, a calendar for the month of May, a magazine clipping of flowers for a future flower garden, and fabric strips.

I love how it adds color to the room and how easy it is to switch out pictures or add stuff to it.

You should make one! You won't be sorry.

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