Thursday, May 2, 2013

California Part 2

So this was an extra special wedding for many reasons.  1.  The couple are amazing people who have led dynamic, Christian lives.  It was Very easy to celebrate this union.  2.  A lot of our friends from New York were there and we got to talk, laugh, and catch up.  It was just super special, and no time has been lost.  3.  It was on a property in California that the bride's family had homesteaded 150 years prior, as in came on a covered wagon.    So it just felt a bit magical.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.
So of course they got engaged kayaking... 

I loved the burlap, ok and the 70 degree weather.

Something you need to know, the Lewis boys are some of the funniest guys there are and play off of each other.  They dressed up in traditional ranch gear and had real guns.  This was not L.A. people.

This is pathetic, but see that lady right between Andy and I .  She is one of my greatest examples of a Godly mother.  She is just wonderful and I should have gotten a pic with her, but...

And there they are, armed and dangerous waiting for the bride.

Do you see them?!?  Pure, true,  God-ordained love.  I bawled like a baby many times that day, because when love and marriage are done right it is truly the most beautiful thing to behold.

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