Thursday, May 16, 2013

A recipe worth repeating!

Are these bananas the sign of a terrible housekeeper?  No!  They are a sign of banana bread! Pretty healthy banana bread too!!

I had an aha moment!  I was adding oatmeal instead of flour all over the place which made recipes lumpy... My friend Jill was like, 'Why don't you pulse it to make it finer?'  It worked and was a quick easy step!

So here's the recipe:
1 cup butter (for the super healthy version,coconut oil or applesauce)
1 cup honey
4 eggs beaten
3 cups pulsed rolled oats
1 cup all purpose flour
2 tsp baking soda
pinch of salt
1/2 cup plain yogurt
Chia seeds (as many as you desire;I sneak in a lot)
5-6 ripe bananas
1 bag of dark choc chips(if you're crazy and prefer nuts, I guess walnuts would be it(;
 I first pulsed my oats and set the butter out to get soft.  I then whisked together the flour, oats,baking soda and salt together.  Cream butter and then add honey,eggs, yogurt,chia seeds and bananas, beat well.  Stir wet ingredients into dry til everything is combined   a.k.a. no flour clumps. Finally stir in choc chips.  grease 2 loaf pans and there is usually enough for another mini loaf.  bake @ 350 and check at 45 min.  Be patient, the hot chocolate chips will burn your mouth, not that I would just eat it right out of the oven.

Kid-tested and approved!

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