Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dining Room Makeover

This is what the dining room looked like when we looked at the house...

What it looked like when we moved our stuff in...

Our dining room now...

I know the before pictures make the dining room look huge! It's really not that big. Pictures can be deceiving! I think whoever took those pictures had a wide angle lens. It's actually a pretty tight space especially with our big farm table which is what made us widen the opening into the family room by about an extra 12-15 inches and add the french doors. I'll give a shout out to my husband here. He did it all on his own in pretty much a weekend! Pretty proud! We LOVE the difference it has made. The dining room feels a lot bigger and gives a much more open feeling to the house.

Other things we did...
Paint the walls
Add wainscoting and painted it white
Changed the light fixture
Painted our dining room chairs

What house projects are you working on???


  1. beautiful, Cindi! great job. I'd love to see more after pics!

    1. Thanks Mary! I added some more pictures I took this afternoon of the dining room. I love to bright it is!