Tuesday, April 30, 2013

California Part 1

We were able to get away for one of our good friend's wedding in California in early April.  So I thought this week could be a chronicle of the trip of sorts.  I got out there late April 3rd so the fun really started the next day.  Spring is significant to Andy and I.  We started dating in April and were married in May.  Being together is so fun and makes me remember all the reasons we fell in love.  We're cut from the same cloth so to speak.  Add great friends, some karaoke, hikes and a wedding and it was perfect!
We did a tour of the Sierra Nevada Brewery.  They are amazing to their employees and super green!  Cool to see a grassroots company doing so well.

And what wedding would be complete without sweet, sweet karaoke?  On the way a cat got caught in Jeff's tires, and then spit out onto our car and hit again.  We are pretty sure his 9 lives were used up in that one incident.  Then we were able to go on a fun 9 mile hike to a 650 ft waterfall.  I believe we solved every world problem on that hike(=.  At least in our little world.

 The next pictures will be more wedding happenings and you won't want to miss those.  It was Beautiful and magical and we are so thankful we got to be a part of it.

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