Thursday, March 7, 2013

Soup and drop biscuits

There is no easier and delicious meal (in my opinion) than a hearty soup and drop biscuits.  Here is the recipe I follow for the biscuits.  Milk is interchangeable for the buttermilk.  It seems  I always have to add a bit more milk too, to make it a sticky consistency.   I have been trying to not use bouillon cubes.   Here's what went into the soup;

Soup recipe;
2 Sweet potatoes (bite size pieces)
5 carrots diced
2 cps of quick cooking barley
4 strips of bacon
1/2 an onion chopped
Spices used; garlic salt, celery salt, sea salt, cumin, curry, and anything else your family might enjoy.  This made the broth, so I wanted it to be flavorful.

1.  I filled an 8 qt pot half full, and threw in all the spices and just kept tasting til it had enough kick and flavor for us.  It surprised me how much of the salt spices it took!  I threw in the swt potatoes and carrots, brought it to a boil and then brought it down to a simmer and covered it for a half hour. Next I cooked up the bacon along with the onions.  When the bacon was done and the onions sauteed I cut up the bacon and added it to the large pot, drippings and all.   This soup needed some fat(=  The final step was to add the barley, I like it pretty thick with it, so I just add what looks good to me.  I think I may mix it up and  add some lentils next time too!  The quick barley only takes 10 more minutes at a boil.  The bouillon cubes are so mindless, but also have ingredients that are pretty dangerous to the system.  I like knowing exactly what's in our meals. 

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