Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alphabet Display

Here is a fun DIY project if you are looking for some wall art for your child's room. If you aren't into DIY projects but still want this for yourself or as a gift, you can find this wall art in the Etsy shop.

First, pick out fabrics in the color scheme you want. Scraps work REALLY good for this project! I went with blues and greens.

Next, determine what size you want each letter to be. Make sure to pick a size that will allow for all 26 letters of the alphabet to fit into your size frame. I cut out a piece of cardboard to use as my guide. I then cut each fabric into that rectangle and then cut the letter out of it. 

See, each letter is the size of the cardboard, roughly. For letters that need inside parts cut out (i.e. A, B, D etc.) you can either cut it out like I did with the "B" or cut out a small piece of contrasting fabric to make the hole like I did with the "A"

After all your letters are cut out, attach a background fabric to the cardboard that usually always comes with a frame. I like to use white as my background so the letters stand out better. I just hot glue it to the cardboard on the back side being sure to pull it tight as you glue. 

Then lay out all the letters to make sure of the proper lay out. In this picture, I hadn't glued on the white fabric yet. I also ironed it before gluing it.

I use spray adhesive to attach the letters, but fabric glue would work as well. I also chose to paint this frame with paint I already had from an existing project. I'm pretty sure I got this frame for a few dollars at Goodwill! 

There you go...a pretty easy DIY project to give your child's room some decorations!

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  1. EEK I love the colors of this one!! Makes me want to make another one!