Monday, February 25, 2013

Thoughts on sustainability

I think we are hearing  about this because we realize we live in a very different world now. For the most part, people don't go to college, and come out making 60+k able to buy whatever house or cars they want.  We are having to learn to live with less and be more resourceful!  I personally love this movement.  We were made to work and see the fruits of our labor.  It is in us all to make something with our hands and be proud of that work!  God created us to use our bodies and this world around us.  When we check out and rely on convenience and comfort continually, I believe we become disheartened and displaced.  So on that thought here are some things we as a family are going to try out.
1.  Our yard as a personal farm-  Does this sound crazy?  Here me out.  Fruit trees planted,  a garden, herbs, maybe a couple chickens, honey bees.... Our family can do our little part!
2.  Waste not, want not-Do I need  more               ? Of course not!  There are needs that arise, but many times I have bought out of boredom or whatever. There are  many  quality, used options, before heading to buy something brand new!
3.  Live in community-Maybe I will rock at growing tomatoes and my friend rocks at growing corn. We could swap, have a canning day, etc....  My friend who made our logo makes amazing organic bread and I have been making a new, quality recipe each week, and then we swap.  It's fun and beneficial-win/win.  People who live in community are happier, healthier and safer.  God did not make us to live in isolation.
So there's my little check list that we are trying to build on.  Let me know what your family is doing that has made your house a bit more sustainable.  I can't seem to get enough of this topic.

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