Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shop Highlight

Winter is still upon us. I said to my husband yesterday, "I can't wait for spring so I don't have to bundle the kids, but at the same time, it is still winter, so I'm just waiting for the next snow storm!!!" I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow. I love everything about it...watching it fall, playing in it, shoveling it, snowshoeing, really anything that involves it. I don't love old snow though. That's just gross and dirty. So I thought I would highlight some of the hats that are in the Etsy store just in case you are in need of a new hat for the rest of winter. Some people need a little pick me up mid- winter and maybe a new hat will do just that! 

Happy rest of winter!!!

If you go to the Etsy store (link above)  you can see the different sizes for these hats

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