Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards

HI everyone! I'm excited about my first post on ScrappyLove! I have been busy opening the Etsy shop and getting things figured out. Valentine's Day is coming, less then a month away now, so I decided to make up a few things to put in the shop for the special day. I wanted to share them with you on here. If you are up for making them yourselves, go for it. If not, they are up for sale on the shop. We added an Etsy Shop tab at the top of the blog page so it is easier for you to see new things we are listing.

So here you go...

A scrappy Valentine's Day Banner. There is on that is long enough to go over a fireplace or sliding glass door and one that is a perfect window size

Wallet sized Valentine's Cards. I was thinking about Valentine's Day parties when I was a kid at school. We always bought these Valentines to give out to friends in our favorite character, Disney princesses, spiderman, Hello Kitty. You get the idea. This gave me the idea to make these wallet sized Valentines. They have just enough space on the back to write who you want to give it too, who it's from, and maybe a line or two more. I think they would be perfect for a school party or to just buy and have on hand to leave your significant other a special little love note.  

They come in a pack of 10.

I also made cards that come in a pack of 5 and envelopes are included.  

Check out the shop. Can't wait to hear from you all! Thanks for reading.

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